Tinwald Anaerobic Digestion Project Commissioned

The Tinwald anaerobic digestion facility is a 1MW project in Dumfries and Galloway, developed by Amicus Renewables with the predominately grass silage feedstock supplied by local farms.

Locogen acted as Principal Contractor, Principle Designer and Project Manager for the development, which began construction in March 2015 and passed its G59 witness test in December 2015. Locogen were responsible for site management and all health and safety matters during the construction phase, and managed the project efficiently and effectively to achieve commissioning within a very tight timeframe.

Since commissioning Biogest, the technology provider, have been running the plant which is fed with approximately 40 tonnes of grass silage every day. Annual electrical production from the AD plant is expected to reach 8,300,000 kWh every year, which is equivalent to providing electrical power to about 2,500 average households.

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