Harnessing the wind to generate electricity and reduce costs

Why choose wind energy?

Wind Energy is one of the most established renewable technologies deployed in the UK. Although the financial incentives for wind energy have reduced recently, high wind sites, sites with high energy demand nearby and community projects all still offer great opportunities for development.

At Locogen we work on projects ranging from single 100kW turbines to multiple-turbine windfarms.

What does a viable wind site typically require?

  • A reasonable average wind speed at hub height in excess of 6m/s dependent on scale
  • No trees or buildings nearby
  • Suitable clearance from residential housing
  • No telecommunication towers in close proximity
  • Suitable distance away from nearby airports
  • Outside and suitable distance away from environmental designations
  • 3-phase grid connection
  • Good access to the turbine location

How can Locogen help?

We offer a suite of services to help take projects from initial inception to installation, with our in-house team of experts ensuring the highest probability of success.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility and screening studies
  • Financial projections and business case
  • Grid connection applications
  • Wind monitoring and resource analysis
  • Planning applications, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements
  • Post consent project management through the project’s construction
  • Principle and main contractor services
  • Turnkey design and build service
  • On-going operational monitoring
  • Asset Management

See wind case studies below.

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