Wind Energy is one of the most established renewable technologies deployed in the UK. Although the financial incentives for onshore wind energy have reduced recently, high wind sites, sites with high energy demand nearby and community projects all still offer great opportunities for development.

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Reduced system costs and rising electricity prices make a strong case for behind the meter solar PV installations in businesses across all scales. This is a mature, low maintenance technology with plenty of headroom for growth as we move towards a net-zero carbon economy. 



Hydropower is a well-established, proven technology that generates electricity from the pressure and flow of water through a turbine. Hydropower requires little maintenance and will typically have a lifespan in excess of 50 years.

Run of river hydro scheme

Energy Storage

When a renewable energy system generates more energy than a building requires, the surplus is spilled back onto the grid. By storing your surplus electricity in a battery and using it at times when your energy demand is higher than your generation, you can reduce your reliance on grid-electricity and create energy savings.

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Heat Pumps

Air and ground source heat pumps attract substantial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, and outstanding efficiencies mean significant fuel savings. They are an ideal heating solution for many buildings, either replacing or working alongside existing heating systems. 

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Heat Networks

Heat networks share the cost of ground arrays or boreholes across a number of properties. They also remove ignition sources from individual properties, creating a safer heating solution.

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Hydrogen offers the potential to transform our energy sector. Whether blended with or replacing natural gas in the gas network, as a transport fuel or feedstock for electricity generation, the potential uses, and impact, are huge.

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