Land holdings and farm buildings offer good opportunities to integrate renewable technologies to reduce running costs and generate an additional source of income.

One example is the installation of a commercial scale solar PV system installed on a farm building, which makes use of a freely available space and requires little to no future maintenance.

A wind turbine, solar PV system or other generating asset connected to a farm supply will minimise the need to purchase power from the grid and safeguard against rising electricity prices.

The easiest way to maximise the return on investment is to match the size of the generating asset to the site demand. However, there may also be opportunities to install larger scale projects which export electricity to the grid to generate an additional source of revenue.

Locogen’s team has a wealth of experience developing and installation renewable projects for landowners and farmers including leased projects and joint ventures.

Locogen’s experience with farm and estate-sited renewables means that we can offer informed advice at every stage of a renewables project. From an options appraisal to identify the best solution, to construction services, asset management or sale of an existing project, we ensure you derive maximum returns from your land.

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