Technically astute, commercially aware and practically informed Technical Advisory (TA) services to financial institutions and investors on every aspect of renewable electricity and low carbon heating systems.

Locogen has established a reputation for providing robust, pragmatic and reliable technical support to a wide range of financial institutions offering non-recourse debt to projects and private equity investors looking to purchase individual projects or portfolios of projects.

Our hands-on experience with a broad spectrum of technologies enables us to offer advice on all aspects of renewable energy generation assets and low carbon heating systems. We also offer commercial assessments of the capital costs, operating expenses and revenue generating forecasts for both operational and pre-construction assets and the related technology and project risks.
In addition to routine due diligence on renewable energy assets, we have also been able to provide cost-effective advice on complex, multi-site portfolios and assets with multiple, interlinked technologies.

“We provide investment-grade advice to support the funding or procurement of renewable energy projects.”
– Ian McLean,
Associate Director

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