Grid Technical Advice

Informed and experienced grid technical advice services for both distribution and transmission projects, ensuring the most advantageous grid connection is secured.

We leverage excellent relationships with DNOs and TNOs to ensure our clients have the latest information on grid reforms when planning future developments.​

Grid Technical Advice Overview

Securing a cost-effective and timely grid connection has always been a key milestone for the successful development of any renewable generation project. Achieving this has become increasingly challenging with the volume of renewable energy projects being developed growing, and with additional competition and significant distribution and transmission constraints leading to delays and/or considerable costs for connection and/or reinforcement. 

Our grid expertise and experience covers distribution and transmission projects ranging from standalone commercial solar, wind and storage projects to multi-technology applications for embedded projects where new export capacity is being secured alongside existing demand from a commercial and industrial client. Locogen’s technical grid services include leading on distribution and transmission connection application discussions and formal applications. We have good working relationships with multiple Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Transmission Operators (TOs) and always aim to minimise a clients spend at risk through targeted discussions with key grid contacts prior to significant expenditure.  

Locogen have significant experience around the opportunities and obstacles from securing flexible grid connections as well as understanding the potential opportunities that new technologies may provide when avoiding adverse impacts on the networks and/or issues around curtailment and security of supply.

Locogen will also work with a client from receipt of their initial grid offer through to commissioning of the project to ensure that available costs savings are identified with respect to the finalisation of grid routes, detailed design of the site, procurement and use of Independent Connection Providers (ICPs), etc. 

Finally, Locogen ensure that we are kept fully abreast of the ongoing reform of the grid network to make sure that any potential changes in the opportunity available are identified early on that that our clients have the best information available when deciding on any future development. 

Specific services include: 

  • Initial site identification works to highlight regions and areas with potential grid capacity for those looking to develop renewable power portfolios;  
  • Informal and formal grid discussions with Network operators to identify and quantify potential risks; 
  • Managing formal grid application submissions for Clients at both distribution and transmission levels as well as subsequent transmission applications to National Grid and other transmission assessments; 
  • Liaising with the relevant parties through the formal application process to ensure that the received offers are, wherever possible, fit for purpose and reflect the best option available and challenging incorrect assumptions; 
  • Providing clear advice to clients on the suitability of received grid offers and implications on any flexible and/or actively managed connection requirements; 
  • Maintaining strong lines of communications with DNO/TO through the development process and advising on critical other works (e.g., planning, property, Statement of Works, etc.) that are required to progress to required milestone dates; 
  • Setting out opportunities for cost savings that may be achievable through amending grid routes, use of third parties and/or consideration of use of alternative technologies to meet DNO requirements; 
  • Identification and negotiation with third party landowners on securing grid servitudes/easements and then acting as owner’s engineer as grid works are completed; 
  • Managing the procurement and supervision of ICPs through a build process; 
  • Interfacing with the DNO through the formal design process to ensure that projects are in a position to be energised at the earliest opportunity. 

Grid Technical Advice Case Studies

Pre-construction and construction grid support for a wind farm

Locogen was initially commissioned to secure grid connection for a 16MW wind farm in the Scottish Borders as the already secured offer was deemed unviable due to property issues. Locogen submitted a revised grid application and managed to supersede the existing offer to avoid any loss of queue position. However, the connection cost was still deemed to be too expensive for a subsidy free project.

Locogen then identified an alternative grid route which shortened the cable length by over 1km. Subsequently Locogen supported the Client with formal procurement of an ICP and with the identification and negotiation of over 10 third party landowners. These amendments to the grid route reduced the overall connection cost by over £1.5m.

Ongoing grid works for distribution connected solar farms across England

Full grid connection support was provided to a Client developing a portfolio of solar farm projects across England. Locogen were initially tasked with identifying suitable sites with a focus on affordable grid connection where transmission associated delays would be avoided. Approximately 100MW has been secured across 4 sites and all but one of these sites has a confirmed connection date before the end of 2026.

The completed works included all distribution applications, discussions with the three associated DNOs and identification of alternative connection opportunities and challenging of required works which to date have saved the Client >£500,000 in grid costs. Locogen continue to provide support to ensure that the DNO delivery team are comfortable with achieved milestones for the ongoing development works.

Ongoing grid works for a transmission connected wind farm

Locogen has been providing ongoing support with all grid related works for a 110MW wind farm project in the Scottish Highlands. Locogen submitted the transmission grid application and led on all negotiations with SSE-T and NGESO to secure a cost effective and timely grid connection.  

Grid technical advice support for an embedded wind project

Locogen was commissioned by a private wire client to provide technical grid support for a 3 turbine (12MW) embedded wind project in Scotland’s central belt. Locogen identified that any development of c.10MW would not trigger reinforcement and grid was subsequently secured for this capacity with Locogen providing the G99 and G100 application documentation. The provided grid offer is subject to active management through an ANM (active network management) scheme as well as an operational intertrip which initially was considered to be incompatible with the site’s security of demand supply requirements.

Locogen subsequently undertook a detailed assessment that quantified the likely frequency of the intertrip being utilised and have also worked with the Client to develop additional protection to ensure that the risk of loss of supply was substantially reduced.

Ongoing grid support for a renewable hydrogen project

Locogen was approached to provide grid support for a wind, solar and hydrogen production project in the north of Scotland. 16MW of export capacity was secured alongside 3MW of import capacity. Due to the oversizing of the wind and solar capacity a G100 export limitation arrangement was set out. A cost-effective distribution grid offer was provided and secured and Locogen have also submitted a BEGA application to National Grid and made initial steps to identify landowners along the grid route and optimise the initial grid cable route set out by the DNO. 

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