Construction Management

Managing the construction in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner

During the Construction Management phase, Locogen manages clients’ projects in accordance with the technical specifications in the contracts.

Our project management team follows Prince II project management principles to ensure effective control of the cost, timescales, risks, scope and quality of your project. They also provide appropriate progress reporting to clients and lenders. We act as a single point of contact for the client, lender, design team, contractors and other project stakeholders to ensure effective project communication.

Acting as the owner’s engineer, we ensure the works are constructed in accordance with the planning and other statutory conditions of consent, the technical specification in the contracts and industry standards.

Depending on the scale of the project, we can offer a full-time site engineering team to oversee the construction works. We also arrange periodic site inspections by technical experts to witness construction and testing activities.

We also administer the contracts on behalf of our clients, which includes:

  • Changes / variations to the contract
  • Dispute resolution
  • Valuation and payments
  • Managing the handover process
  • Preparation of snagging lists

At the end of the construction phase, when the project is commissioned and entering into the operational phase, we hand over to our Asset Management Team.

Our experienced construction management team works diligently to ensure effective control of the cost, timescales, risks, scope and quality of your project.

Construction Management Case Studies


Kirk Hill Wind Farm – 8 turbine wind farm site.


Locogen took on the roles of Project Manager and Supervisor on behalf of our client to deliver the wind farm BoP contract. This entailed all the contract administration and advising our client on their contractual position.


Locogen also supplied an experienced full-time site supervisor for the project to work closely with the contractor and record all works taking place and ensure the works were undertaken as per the scope.


Arbikie Distillery – Single wind turbine powering an electrolyser


Locogen managed the civils and electrical BoP contracts for this project and undertook all contract administration including dealing with variations, programming issues and interfaces with the different parties involved in building out this project.


In addition to this, Locogen also took on the role of principal contractor under the CDM Regulations and managed the site. This included creating the CPP, providing welfare facilities and a full-time site manager to coordinate different contractors on site. 

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