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Controlling Energy Costs: Strategies for Businesses

The current energy crisis has severely impacted many businesses. As contracts come to their renewal point they face an energy market with highly inflated prices and increasing volatility. Most businesses should be taking steps to insulate themselves against these risks.

As a business owner or manager what strategies should you be considering?

This webinar brings together expert advisers on energy management and procurement options for commercial businesses together with specialists in renewable energy to understand how you can ensure your business minimises the impact of impending price rises and retains control of its energy overheads.

The programme is as below:

  • Introduction of the topic and the speakers
  • Commercial energy costs and how to control them, Advantage Utilities
  • Controlling energy costs through renewable self-generation, Locogen Consulting
  • Q&A

*webinar will be recorded and uploaded

Past Events

Below we have a collection of previous events which are available to view via our YouTube channel.

Long Duration Energy Storage Webinar Info.

Excess energy generated from renewables is often restricted due to grid constraints. For new renewable projects, one significant part of the site’s feasibility is grid constraints. These restrictions can limit the size of a project, and also inhibit the chance of a renewable project to continue.

Long Duration Energy Storage. It works by storing low carbon energy generation for longer periods of time, absorbing excess (that would otherwise be curtailed) and exporting when needed.

The webinar programme is as below:

  • Government funding challenges and reasons for interest in it
  • Introducing Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB), its advantages & disadvantages, and comparison to Li-ion
  • Technical feasibility of Solar PV co-location
  • Market trends and revenue opportunity for a grid balancing project
  • Results from the BEIS feasibility study

With gas prices rising, rebated fuel reforms approaching, and net zero targets looming, many industries will struggle to sustainably fuel their operations.

This webinar aims to shine a light on:

  • Market changes and how they will impact your sector
  • The alternative technology options for your business
  • Key commercial benefits, costs, and considerations based on real examples
  • How Locogen can support you through the energy transition

With the UK government setting a legally binding target to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050 (2045 in Scotland) industry leaders are looking hard at ways to decarbonise their businesses.

Some sectors, such as process industries, are more difficult than others. Distilleries, for example, are high energy users, traditionally using fossil fuels to generate steam for the distillation process.

This webinar uses real-world examples of how these obstacles can be overcome, including:

  • The options available to reduce carbon emissions for a hard to decarbonise industry
  • Innovative solutions, including hydrogen, novel heat storage and more
  • Key rewards and risks based on real examples
  • Opportunities to roll out these solutions to other industry sectors

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