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Conscientious, attentive and responsive asset management services to both corporate and private clients in the UK on all sizes of wind and solar projects. 

Locogen has been providing professional asset management services for renewable energy projects since 2012. By operating as a consultancy, an installer and an investor of renewable energy assets, we believe our background gives us a unique perspective. We can see things from the client’s point of view which enables us to offer an asset management service which not only ensures the safe and proper operation of your renewable asset, but also maximises your revenue streams and boosts your return on investment. 

Our asset management service covers a wide range and scale of technologies including hydro schemes, single and multi-turbine wind sites, solar farms and biomass boilers. Our standard asset management service includes performance analysis, maintenance coordination, operational administration, regulatory compliance and financial services. Further, our asset management team can offer additional services such as PPA renewals, HV maintenance services and other market offerings as they arise, which ensures you are always maximising the value of your asset. 

With the life of a renewable asset finite, securing the right asset management package is vital. 

Asset Management Service Overview

Locogen’s asset management team ensures assets achieve optimal returns for clients, while minimising administration overheads and ensuring regulatory compliance. This is achieved by deploying a comprehensive and proven portfolio of services. Asset management is key to ensuring the safe operation of your asset, while maximising revenue streams and return on investment.  Locogen has comprehensive service packages available for a wide range of manufacturers and project scales. We recognise that one size very rarely fits all so we provide bespoke solutions to match the needs of each client. Whether for a single turbine or large wind farm operating as part of a larger portfolio, our asset management services include:

  • Performance analysis
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Operational administration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financial services


We know that turbine downtime could cost as much as £3,000 per MW per day. When a 1MW turbine is hitting the manufacturer’s technical availability warranty of 95% it could still be costing upwards of £40,000 pa in lost revenue. In contrast, our managed portfolio averaged 99.4% technical availability. Every 1% of availability we can gain will be saving you around £8,000 per MW pa. Remember, manufacturers’ guarantees only cover downtime due to turbine faults. But much time can be lost due to grid or communication issues and high voltage equipment faults. Each turbine is likely to experience at least one such fault every few years and this can lead to long unwarranted downtime. Utilising our close relationships with third parties such as the DNOs, HV and communications engineers, our asset management team can expedite repairs and minimise this downtime. Constant power curve monitoring and SCADA data analysis will make sure turbine underperformance is spotted as soon as it happens and that the turbine production is optimised at all times.

Maintenance & Compliance

Continuous monitoring of performance and benchmarking against comparable assets can uncover issues before they result in turbine failure. Locogen’s asset management team can then raise the issue with the maintenance supplier and propose unscheduled or preventative maintenance to rectify the issue and avoid downtime. All downtime is recorded to allow accurate claims against the manufacturer’s turbine availability warranty. Regulatory compliance can be easily overlooked once an asset is fully commissioned. Once a turbine is operational there remain a number of mandatory requirements relevant to every site. These include the asset’s total installed capacity, planning conditions, grid connection agreement and legislative requirements (The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002) regarding HV equipment maintenance. The regulatory compliance service passes this responsibility to Locogen, providing peace of mind that all mandatory requirements are being met.

Operational Administration & Contracts Optimisation

Our operational administration service monitors the performance of operational contracts to obtain the best value for money when the contracts require renewal. For example, for single 500kW wind turbines over the last six months, Locogen has consistently been able to secure circa £3,000 additional annual export income per site through site-specific PPA tender exercises. Locogen’s existing asset bank and market position allows us to retrieve the best PPA rates available, bringing the benefit of group purchasing power to all of our clients.

Financial Services

Many renewable energy projects are set up as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). these are separate legal entities, which have their own responsibilities for financial reporting, whether this be for for financiers, shareholders or statutory submissions.

Our Financial Services service is designed to deliver these responsibilities for the SPV.

We can take care of management accounts, statutory accounts, bank reporting, bookkeeping and VAT compliance. As with all of our asset management services, we can offer a bespoke financial service package to suit the specific requirements of the SPV.

Specialist Team

Locogen’s Asset Management team has extensive expertise in managing solar PV, wind and hydro sites. The multi-discipline team comprises project managers, engineers and financial specialists, whose combined expertise offers our clients a comprehensive service. A brief summary of some key team members is included below.

Kayla Madlener

Prior to arriving in the UK, Kayla worked in the largest arts and culture organisation in Toronto, Canada. With a focus on public programming and funding, Kayla was responsible for overseeing the construction and maintenance of ticketing systems and CRM systems, department finances and maintaining partner relationships city-wide. Since moving to Edinburgh, Kayla’s organisational abilities communication skills have benefited clients large and small.
Kayla leads the asset management team and excels at client communication and partner management. She has several years of experience managing renewable projects, being the primary contact for all queries and is adept at managing technical performance as well as all operational contracts. She is accountable for overseeing the department’s many projects and SPVS, including performance analysis, regulatory compliance, health & safety and operational administration; and possesses a niche understanding of some of the complicated challenges surrounding renewable projects in the UK. She is also the in-house expert on the evolving PPA market to ensure the highest possible return for our asset management clients.

Chris Craven

Chris has worked in Finance for over 10 years covering a variety of different sectors including IT, Property Management, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy. He is currently studying towards his professional accountancy qualification with CIMA. Chris started with Locogen in the Finance department working on the internal Locogen accounts and providing financial services to our external clients. Near the end of 2020 he moved into the Asset Management team to assist with our growing portfolio. In this new role he provides financial services to our asset management clients for their SPVs including: complete management accounts, statutory accounts, bank reporting, bookkeeping and VAT compliance. He is also able to assist with all finance-related queries and tasks on behalf of these clients, helping to provide a much fuller and complete service and maximising financial performance.

Jay Shields

Jay has over 13 years' experience in various industries including: Power & Energy, Transformers, Wind, Oil & Gas, Pneumatics, Factory Production and Renewable Heating. As an asset manager, Jay has been involved in managing 13 large wind farms totalling over 120 turbines and most recently in 3 battery storage sites. As an asset manager at Locogen, Jay uses this broad industry experience to understand the demands of our very vaired customer base each with different expectations. Managing this diversity is one of the major aspects of his role. Jay works across our Asset Management service portfolio, advising clients on all aspects of performance analysis, operational administration, maintenance co-ordination and regulatory compliance. In addition to these day-to-day tasks, he has also been a key team member in taking forward our HV management and maintenance offering to the market. This is an important part of our expanded asset management package and he is looking forward to introducing this new service to our clients.

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