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Low carbon solutions for business

As we continue on the road to a carbon net-zero economy, business has a huge role to play. Decarbonising industrial processes, using less energy and moving to renewable and low-carbon energy sources all present significant challenges.

Every business is different and will have a different journey towards this new low carbon future.

Our job at Locogen is to work with these businesses to plot the most advantageous course to that future.

Our team is experienced in looking closely at energy flows within busines and appraising options available to reduce energy consumption, lower emissions and make the most of renewable and low carbon heat and power sources.

Clients can reduce energy costs by implementing technologies such as rooftop solar PV, voltage optimisation and heat pumps. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provide another route to accessing renewable energy for use in the business.

Locogen offers a flexible service portfolio for industrial and commercial clients looking to benefit from reduced emissions and lower energy costs. These services include an options appraisal to assess renewable energy choices, full turn-key installation and certification to net-zero standards.

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