Land holdings and farm buildings offer good opportunities to integrate renewable technologies to reduce running costs and generate an additional source of income.



Industrial & Commercial

Taking advantage of an existing asset, such as a warehouse or piece of land, can be an excellent way to install a renewable generator to offset incoming electricity usage and safeguard against rising electricity prices.

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Public Sector

With large landholdings, significant energy demand and specific carbon reduction targets, public sector organisations are well placed to develop renewables as a means of making energy savings and potentially generating an additional source of revenue.

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Community-owned renewable energy projects provide a great opportunity for local residents to collectively develop and own green energy projects.

Not only does this create a local energy generator which boosts energy security, it also provides a long-term revenue stream for the community’s benefit.

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Locogen has first-hand experience of the challenges renewable energy developers face in developing, funding, constructing and operating renewable energy projects. As such, we are ideally placed to help renewable energy developers with their own portfolio of projects. 

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Locogen’s experience in all aspects of the development and operation of renewable energy projects means we are ideally suited to providing investment-grade technical, commercial and environmental due diligence and advisory services.

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Locogen offers a complete turnkey solution for housebuilders installing renewables, taking care of everything from design and installation to maintenance and monitoring.


Social Housing

Many housing associations are already taking advantage of renewable energy systems such as solar pv. 
Heat pumps, district heating and even wind provide further opportunities to provide tenants with clean and affordable heat and power.

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