Advisory Services


The purpose of the feasibility service is to assess the technical, environmental and commercial viability of a project for our client and to provide an outline system design and business case for investment. It should make clear the capital cost and operating costs of the project, the return on investment, the next steps required to take a project forward, the costs associated with the next steps and the risks associated with the project. The specific services carried out during this stage are listed below.

  • Energy yield assessment
  • Outline system design
  • Financial modelling
  • Source grant and funding support
  • Business case
  • Site selection
  • Technology options appraisal
  • Grid connection application
  • Screening study
  • Resource assessment

As stated above, Locogen will carry out all of this work using internal resources. However, in the case of specialist resource assessments (e.g. for geothermal projects), we will use associates or sub-consultants. At the end of this stage our client should be able to make an informed decision on future investment in one or more low carbon technologies. They should understand the capital and operational costs of the project, the business case for investment, the risks associated with investment, the timescales to deliver the project and the scope of work, costs and timescales associated with the next stage.

Due Diligence

Locogen has established a reputation for providing robust, pragmatic and reliable technical support to a wide range of  financial  institutions  offering  non-recourse  debt  to projects. We use this same expertise to support developers looking  to  purchase  individual  projects  or  portfolios  of projects. Our  hands-on  experience  with  a  broad  spectrum  of technologies enables us to offer advice on all aspects of renewable energy generation assets and low carbon heating systems.  We  also  offer  commercial  assessments  of  the capital costs, operating expenses and revenue generating forecasts for both operational and pre-construction assets and the related technology and project risks. In addition to routine due diligence on renewable energy assets, we have also been able to provide cost-effective advice  on  complex,  multi-site  portfolios  and  assets with multiple, interlinked technologies. Locogen  uses  its  knowledge  and  experience  of  the  UK markets  to  assess  the  suitability,  condition  and  value of  these  assets  to  give  comfort  and  justification  to  the purchasing decision. This process can be carried out from greenfield site to fully operational  assets,  assessing  every  opportunity  against the specific purchasing criteria of each developer.

resource Analysis

Understanding  the  wind  resource  at  a  potential  wind farm site is an essential step in the development process and  in  monitoring  an  asset’s  performance.  Locogen have  extensive  knowledge  and  expertise  in  wind  data analysis  and  in  conducting  energy yield  assessments  for both  pre-construction  and  operational  assets.  Locogen’s consultancy  team  can  offer  specialist  insight  into  wind farm energy yield, having worked on sites with complex terrain and forestry as well as offshore wind farms. Locogen’s experience investing in their own wind energy projects  allows  for  a  comprehensive  understanding  of risks  associated  with  pre-construction  development  of wind farms which we are able to pass onto our clients and highlight at the earliest stage. In addition, Locogen provide asset  management  services  to  multiple  wind  farm  sites across the UK which includes reporting on the wind speed and  energy yield  performance  against  predicted  figures. Further, Locogen enact a continual learning process where knowledge obtained in the role as asset manager is fed into the  pre-construction  assessment  to  inform  appropriate losses.

wind speed map
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