Renewable Energy Advisory Services

Providing expert support to renewable energy developers to ensure every greenfield, early stage or operational asset purchase opportunity is properly assessed against detailed acquisition criteria.

We use more than a decade of experience in providing investment-grade due diligence to help developers make the right decision when growing their portfolio.

Renewable Energy Advisory Services Overview

Locogen’s Technical Advisor services focus our hands-on experience of developing, consenting, delivering and operating renewable energy projects into concise, practical advice on the key technical, commercial, environmental and performance issues of most importance and benefit to project lenders and investors.

Our due diligence expertise and experience covers projects ranging from ground source heat pumps and rooftop solar to large wind energy portfolios utilising multi-MW class turbines, for projects which are at an early stage of development through to assets with 10-20 years of operational history. Locogen’s project teams for due diligence assignments all consist of staff who have direct “hands-on” experience of developing and delivering projects, including consenting, project and construction management, and tendering and negotiation of key contracts.

Specific Renewable Energy Advsisory services include:

  • Review of site option agreements and leases, and ensuring plans align with consents and construction drawings.  
  • Review of grid connection offers and agreements, focusing on timescales, capacity, specific operating requirements and any restrictions or constraints. 
  • Review of planning consent compliance and risks, including discharge of specific conditions, ongoing compliance risk and planning risks for pre-consent developments.
  • Review of key project agreements including EPC contracts, turbine supply and maintenance agreements, balance of plant construction, asset management and PPAs. 
  • Review of project construction programmes, construction risks, development and capital costs, and long-term operational and maintenance costs.  
  • Review of energy yield assumptions, and preparation of bank-grade independent wind reports.  
  • Construction-phase and operations-phase monitoring.

Renewable Energy Advisory Services Case Studies

Lenders’ technical advisor, Scotland; 18MW wind farm

Locogen is currently acting as the LTA for an under-construction wind farm in Scotland. Following financial close we will undertake regular site visits and checks of construction progress on behalf of the lenders. Our scope of work included reviewing the key project agreements and contracts, reviewing the main site leases and offsite access route leases and required works, project programme and cost assumptions, consent compliance, grid connection arrangements and status, and energy yield reports. Locogen had previously undertook successful acquisition due diligence of the project on behalf of the current owners.  

Lenders’ technical advisor, Scotland; 10MW wind farm using refurbished turbines

Locogen recently undertook a detailed lenders’ TA assignment for a consented wind development in Scotland which is deploying refurbished multi-MW scale turbines. In addition to reviewing key project agreements, adequacy of the project cost assumptions and programme, and consent discharge compliance, we also assessed the technology risk and long term reliability risks associated with the use of reconditions turbines and how any remnant risks should be mitigated through pre-installation refurbishment works and through ongoing maintenance arrangements and operating cost assumptions.  

Acquisition due diligence, 250MW portfolio of development phase wind farms

In 2022, Locogen undertook a review of a large development portfolio consisting of individual projects ranging from 10MW to 180MW in size, and at different stages of development and consenting. Our renewable energy advisory services focused on assessing specific risks relating to each project’s planning application, and opportunities to de-risk and optimise each development to improve scale/performance and planning risk. Our team also assessed grid connection cost estimates, timescales and available export capacities as part of our work in presenting clear advice to our client on development costs and risks, and likely final project sizes and timescales. 

Acquisition due diligence, 28MW operational wind portfolio

Loocgen recently completed successful acquisition due diligence for a portfolio of three operational wind farms, with our work focusing on historic performance and availability, key project agreements, planning compliance risks and proposed turbine upgrades. Our scope of work was split into an initial red flag review delivered within a very short duration, and a detailed report, and also included site visits. Following the successful acquisition our team provided additional support in updating lease plans and reviewing the technical and commercial details for performance upgrades being offered by the turbine suppliers. 

Acquisition due diligence, 42MW solar PV project

Locogen very recently completed successful acquisition due diligence for a consented solar PV project in SW England. Our work focused on planning condition discharge and compliance, design and performance optimization opportunities, grid connection arrangements, lease agreements and plans, and key project agreements. Our team worked closely with the client to identify specific risks and opportunities for maximising capacity and performance based on planning constraints and site conditions, as well as identifying specific areas of improvement needed in key agreements.

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