Locogen’s Scottish solar PV installers deliver energy efficient homes

As a leading Scottish solar PV installer, Locogen is working with housebuilders to deliver more energy efficient homes to meet exacting new Scottish building standards.

Tough new building regulations mean that new Scottish homes must be more energy efficient than ever before. That’s great news for new homeowners looking for lower energy bills but it presents house builders with an exacting challenge. New homes must meet or beat the target emissions rate (TER) of an equivalent ‘notional’ dwelling, as set out in building regulations. This notional building will be of the same shape and size of the new home and will have the same living area fraction. How this is achieved is up to the builder and better insulation and efficient boilers can all help, but the installation of renewables on new build homes is a favoured approach to meeting the targets. Locogen is partnering with quality construction companies such as Hart Builders to help meet these targets and our Scottish solar PV installer team is helping to deliver some of Scotland’s most energy efficient homes.

What is the right kind of renewable energy solution for new build homes in Scotland?

There are many aspects to consider when selecting renewables for new build housing. Space, for example, is an obvious constraint for any renewable energy solution. Maintenance and upkeep is another factor and any new build renewables installation should be as near maintenance free as possible. Cost and return on investment are always vital factors and so is appearance. The look of a new home is hugely important and the aesthetic impact of renewable energy installations on new build homes must be carefully assessed. When all of these issues are taken into consideration, air source heat pumps and, more often, solar PV panels are strong contenders.

Choosing a Scottish solar PV installer for new build housing

Locogen is one of the most experienced solar PV installers in Scotland. We have installed more than 100 projects, from smaller 30kWp systems to commercial-scale 500kWp installations. Operating since 2009, we are accredited with RECC, MCS and NAPIT. Our approach is to offer a complete turnkey solution for solar on new build homes in Scotland. This commences with advice at the pre-construction stage, where we can advise on the most appropriate technology and properly size the solution. We also handle grid applications and we work with house builders to design the most advantageous system and agree an installation schedule that fits seamlessly into the build programme.

The importance of aftercare for solar PV on new build homes

Solar PV systems require very little maintenance but an aftercare service is still important to ensure optimum performance and quickly identify any faults as they arise. Locogen’s asset management team offers a remote monitoring service to do just that. This professional and unobtrusive service helps to maximise returns from the system, providing peace of mind and contributing to the overall quality of the build.

Adding value to new build homes with renewables

Home buyers are becoming more environmentally aware and energy costs are always an issue, so installing a renewable energy system on new build housing is not just about meeting building regulations, it’s about adding value to new homes and making them more attractive to prospective home owners. Locogen’s pedigree as a leading Scottish solar PV installer allows us to offer house builders an excellent service as a renewables partner, offering informed advice, quality installation and outstanding after sales care. You can learn more about renewables for new build homes here and read about our work with Hart Builders here.

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