Locogen Assess Bioenergy Investment For Graham’s Dairy

Funded by the Scottish Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP), Locogen have been supporting a low carbon investment project on a Fife cheese factory. A project that once complete, will be a groundbreaking achievement for the Scottish dairy industry. 

The project is located on Graham’s Glenfield site in Cowdenbeath. A site Locogen have a long-standing involvement with having conducted feasibility work there in 2010. Now in the hands of Graham’s since 2015, the Bridge of Allan based company are planning a new bioenergy plant for the creamery site that will provide low carbon heat and power.

To support the LCITP project, Locogen have been asked by Graham’s to assess the site for its bioenergy output by inspecting the site’s heating and cooling systems as well as its energy usage and efficiency. Locogen’s work will be used to assist the design and optimise the integration of low carbon heat and power into the site’s existing systems. 

Graham’s is keen to build sustainable practices into the family business and, to support the Scottish Government’s energy strategy, managing director Robert Graham is actively working to achieve net zero carbon across every area of the business. 

Image courtesy of Clearfleau Group Limited

The plans for the creamery site certainly provide a great step towards this goal as they work to maximise the renewable energy available. The proposed plans suggest the whey and other residues from cheese making will be used to fuel the on-site bioenergy facility. Meanwhile, the biogas produced from the facility will then be used to generate low carbon heat and power for onsite usage throughout the site – bringing the process full circle. 

This proposal marks a huge improvement towards zero carbon manufacturing for the dairy sector. A change, Senior Engineer, David Ferguson believes can be mirrored in other industries: “This project demonstrates Graham’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its organisation. The result of which will provide significant waste and energy reductions as well as an excellent example to other businesses currently considering their decarbonisation strategies”. 

With the project aiming for completion by spring 2021, Locogen hope to work with others in the project team, such as bioenergy consultancy Foodchains, to help see it through to full implementation. 


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