Graig Fatha Wind Turbine Brings Power To The People

We’re delighted to see the share offer launch from Ripple Energy for the Graig Fatha wind turbine in south Wales.

This innovative project will be the first wind farm in the UK to be owned by its customers, who will benefit from the greenest electricity tariff in the country.

Locogen provided technical due diligence for Ripple on the purchase of the project from the original developers. We have acted as owner’s engineer and project manager to bring the project to a ‘shovel-ready’ stage to enable Ripple to launch the share offer, and we will continue to provide these services through construction and commissioning and into operation.

The turbine, a 2.5MW Vensys100, will be sited at Graig Fatha farm to the west of Coedely near Tonyrefail in Rhondda Cynon Taff in the south of Wales, where it will appear as an addition to the existing Mynydd Portref wind farm. It’s estimated that the turbine will generate 6,681,000kWh of electricity annually (P75 estimate, or 75% probability).

A wind turbine for the people

The Graig Fatha wind turbine will be owned and operated by a co-operative society, CO-Pilot Wind Project Ltd. Members join the society by purchasing shares in the wind turbine and are then allocated a proportionate share of the power generated. Typically, members will buy sufficient shares to equate to the amount of electricity they use – so that all of their consumption is met by green, zero carbon electricity. That said, members can purchase anything from £250 of shares up to 120% the value of their annual consumption.  And if the member moves home, they take their wind turbine ownership with them.

This highly innovative model has the potential to be a real game changer in the UK energy market. There is increasing consumer awareness and demand for green energy but not everyone has access to land for wind or suitable roof space for solar, while many live in rented properties.

The Graig Fatha wind turbine project is an excellent example of how to overcome those problems and democratise access to clean, affordable energy. Locogen is very proud to be working with the award-winning crowdfunded start-up, Ripple Energy, to help bring the project to fruition.

Locogen CEO, Andrew Lyle, commented: “It’s really great to be involved in such an innovative project. Not only does this model make ownership of renewable energy assets achievable for almost anyone, it provides a much-needed route to market for subsidy-free projects of this kind of scale. In doing so, it aids our green economic recovery, providing local jobs and helping us on our pathway to net-zero carbon.”

Simon Peltenburg, Ripple Energy’s Chief Projects Officer, added: “Andy Lyle and the Locogen team have been brilliant throughout this process.  We are looking forward to getting shovels in the ground and seeing the first power generated by this milestone project that puts consumers in the driving seat for the journey to net zero.”

You can learn more about the Graig Fatha share offer here.

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