Locogen Helps Bring Green, Low-Cost Power To 112 City Of Edinburgh Council Homes

Despite the impact of Covid restrictions over the summer, we’re delighted to be nearing completion of an innovative project with the City Edinburgh Council, supplying solar PV and battery installations to 112 homes at Kirkliston, to the west of the city.

This innovative project involves the installation of 2.5kW roof mounted solar PV systems and to 4kW batteries at each home. Coupling solar PV generation with energy storage in this way overcomes the mismatch between solar generation and domestic electricity consumption.

Clearly, solar PV systems generate electricity during daytime hours, while peak household demand typically occurs in the evening.

The solar PV and battery systems allow householders to store any unused power during the day, and then use it in the evening when it’s needed.

Locogen director, Stuart Hamilton, said: “This has been a really satisfying project to deliver despite the extra complexity introduced by Covid safety measures. As we build back from this crisis, it’s important that we place clean energy and social inclusion at the heart of the recovery. The Kirkliston project shows how we can do just that. It’s great that our local authority, City of Edinburgh Council, are at the forefront of these efforts and we’re delighted to be working with them to deliver clean, affordable energy to these tenants.”

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