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Green Distilleries

The Green Distilleries competition run by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) aims to help distilleries cut CO2 emissions by one million tonnes, contributing to Scotland’s national target to be carbon neutral by 2045, with each distillery deploying innovative green solutions in order to achieve these ambitious goals. 

Phase 1

Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery won Phase 1 funding from the competition to investigate switching from gas oil to hydrogen for their primary process fuel. 

Locogen, in partnership with Logan Energy, provided Arbikie with an innovative solution to use green hydrogen produced onsite by electrolysis from wind and solar generation as the zero-carbon fuel for the distillation process. 

After a successful Phase 1 feasibility study, Arbikie have been awarded a share of a £10 million funding pot under Phase 2 to implement these changes.

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