UK Wind Energy Tops 13 Gigawatts and Smashes Record

The UK wind energy output last week exceeded 10 gigawatts for the first time and then hit a peak of 13.6 gigawatts around lunchtime on Wednesday – 29% of supply.

This encouraging data shows the growing importance of wind energy in the UK electricity mix. The figures come from the power generation company, Drax Group, who gather data from all generation sources for their Drax Electric Insights tracker site. 

The record contribution of power from both offshore and onshore wind turbines and wind farms shows that the national grid is capable of handling greater percentages of power from wind than some have previously claimed. Continuing improvement to grid infrastructure, meanwhile, is helping to transport power from wind farms in Scotland, where the resource is greatest, south to the most populated areas where the energy is needed.

Locogen’s asset management team help to keep single wind turbines and wind farms operating as close as possible to maximum output, achieving an average technical availability in excess of 99% for our clients. We’re proud to play a part in the continued success of wind energy in the UK.

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