A low-maintenance, long-lasting technology for generating electricity

Why choose Hydropower?

Hydropower is a well-established, proven technology that generates electricity from the pressure and flow of water through a turbine. Hydropower requires little maintenance and will typically have a lifespan in excess of 50 years.

What does a typical hydro scheme consist of?

  • A screened intake to divert water to pipe
  • A pipe (commonly called a penstock) to transfer the water to the turbine
  • A powerhouse building with the turbine, generator and controls
  • A tailrace to divert the water from the powerhouse back to the burn
  • A point of connection to the national grid

How can Locogen help?

Our experienced team takes projects through from initial inception to operation. We offer a complete range of services for small to medium scale hydro schemes, including:

  • Initial site survey and feasibility
  • Detailed design
  • Planning and abstraction licence consents
  • Grid connection application
  • Financing advice
  • Post consent project management through project construction
  • Supply and installation
  • Principle and main contractor services
  • On-going operational monitoring
  • Asset management

Leasing your site

If you’re a landowner, Locogen may be able to offer a finance option. If the site is right, we would own and operate the scheme and pay you an annual rental for the site. Find out more about leasing your site.

See hydro case studies below.

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