Remediation Services

Expert, comprehensive and transparent Remediation services to those facing issues with biomass installations or other renewable heating systems. 

Low carbon heating solutions are an important part of our efforts to achieve our net-zero targets. But biomass, district heating and heat pump solutions can be complex and need to be sized, designed and installed with care. In many cases, RHI deadlines added time pressures to these installations and some projects were undoubtedly rushed. Inevitably, problems can arise.

Our low carbon heating remediation services are designed to identify, tackle and put right these issues, returning your heating installation to its optimal performance.

Our service includes physical inspections, documentation and design reviews, testing and analysis. These activities help us understand the issues and how they have occurred. Our findings are then set out in a report, with a plan to restore your system to proper operation.

Case Study: Biomass Fault Remediation. Locogen were engaged by a University who had developed a large biomass project to provide low carbon heat to their campus. After commissioning the installation had developed a significant technical fault that had caused the installation to be shut down. A dispute had occurred between the client and the installer as to the cause of the fault, and therefore the correct process necessary to fix the installation. This included the responsibility for the extensive cost of the remediation works. Locogen undertook a detailed analysis of the installation, technical specification and data from the site logs to understand the root cause of the fault. Locogen then mediated the technical discussions between all parties on the remediation activities and oversaw the works and commissioning to get the system returned to operation. The system is now fully operational, and the client successfully deferred the remediation costs to the installer.

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