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Expert, comprehensive and transparent biomass services to those facing issues with biomass installations or other renewable heating systems.

For our biomass expert witness service, we typically begin with a physical inspection of the installation and a review of any technical documentation pertinent to the case. We may arrange additional independent tests or analyse data in order to provide the fullest understanding of the situation and how it has occurred. This information will be distilled into our expert opinion on the case into a report which can be used as part of any legal proceedings or client negotiations. Where required, Locogen will also present this information verbally in court.

Further, we aim to operate in a completely open and transparent way. We ensure we engage with the client at the earliest stage to understand their grievance in detail, and using our experience tease out all of the relevant details and information. The client will receive a detailed and comprehensive understanding of our independent expert view on the situation, the causes, and where required the remediation process. 

Locogen can also provide this service in relation to all aspects of biomass systems, such as fuel supply, emissions and ash disposal. Our services extend through to the heating network infrastructure and District Heating systems. 

 Case Study One: Biomass Expert Witness

Locogen were commissioned by a legal firm undertaking a case against a biomass installer. The client had purchased two large biomass boilers to deliver heat to their wood fuel drying process. As part of the specification, the grade of fuel had been discussed and this was agreed as suitable for the operation of the installation. However, during commissioning, it became clear that the boilers were not able to achieve the agreed output figures and required significant ongoing maintenance to operate. The client was seeking legal redress against the installer on the grounds that the system did not achieve the specification. Locogen undertook a detailed analysis of the installation and the specification provided at the point of sale and were able to clearly demonstrate that the plant was not rated for the use it had been installed for, that a number of the elements of the installation were unsafe and that the operation would put the plant outside the relevant RHI regulations making it ineligible for receiving the incentive should it be inspected. Locogen issued two expert witness reports to support the technical position on the system and the financial losses incurred to the client (including the costs for remediating the installation).

Case Study Two: Biomass Appraisal For An Insurance Claim

Locogen were approached by a legal firm to provide a detailed appraisal of a biomass company where an insurance claim had been raised in relation to the value of the company and its potential for future earnings. Locogen provided an appraisal of the type and capacity of the installs that had been undertaken, along with the growth of the business. This was compared against the prevailing market conditions and legislative changes that were coming into force to show how the markets the company was operating in were evolving and the likely reduced capacity for further business. A further appraisal was undertaken to resolve discussions around the suggested move to alternate sectors within the biomass market and the changes required to operate in that market. These technical reports were issued as part of the ongoing case, along with the presentation of the findings.

Case Study Three: Biomass Fault Remediation

Locogen were engaged by a University who had developed a large biomass project to provide low carbon heat to their campus. After commissioning the installation had developed a significant technical fault that had caused the installation to be shut down. A dispute had occurred between the client and the installer as to the cause of the fault, and therefore the correct process necessary to fix the installation. This included the responsibility for the extensive cost of the remediation works. Locogen undertook a detailed analysis of the installation, technical specification and data from the site logs to understand the root cause of the fault. Locogen then mediated the technical discussions between all parties on the remediation activities and oversaw the works and commissioning to get the system returned to operation. The system is now fully operational, and the client successfully deferred the remediation costs to the installer.

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