Renewable Installations

Professional installation for your Renewable Energy or Low Carbon Heat Project

Since 2009, our Energy Services team have worked to bring hundreds of renewable energy and low carbon heating projects to fruition.

Our multi-disciplinary team is vastly experienced in rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV, and low carbon heat technologies.

Our comprehensive service manages your project all the way through to testing and commissioning, ensuring the safe, timely and on-budget delivery of your renewable or low carbon power generation or heating installation.

Below is a summary of work carried out by our Energy Services team. To find out more, please visit our dedicated Energy Services website.


Solar PV

Solar farm constructionIn over a decade, our Energy Services team has delivered hundreds of solar PV projects, ranging in size from small, 50kW roof-mounted systems to multi megawatt ground mount projects.

Our solar PV service covers all elements of consenting, design and installation and we have successfully completed projects for agricultural, retail, industrial, manufacturing and public sector clients.

With decreasing panel prices and the drive for businesses to become net zero, solar PV has become a key technology choice for those looking for affordable, clean power.

Low carbon heat

Two air source heat pumpsHeat is a major component of energy consumption in the UK and represents a significant challenge to our decarbonisation efforts.

Industrial process heat, along with commercial and domestic space heating are overwhelmingly dependant on fossil fuels but proven and economical alternatives are available.

Locogen’s Energy Services team install both air and ground source heat pumps on a commercial scale, helping clients to dramatically lower their carbon footprint, while enjoying clean, affordable heating.

Battery Storage

Battery storage for solar PV

Battery storage is increasingly becoming a common partner to solar installations. Typically, solar panels will generate most of their electricity in the middle of the day. But this may not be when businesses need that power.

Normally, any excess would simply be spilled onto the grid, usually for a fairly modest return. Batteries, however, allow that energy to be stored and used when demand and/or time of use energy prices are higher.

On a larger scale, energy storage of some type, such as battery, pumped hydro, hydrogen or thermal, will play an important role in balancing a grid increasingly dependent on renewables.

EV Charging

EV charging point

As electric vehicles become more commonplace, the need for businesses to install charging points is increasing. EV charging points can provide a free or low-cost benefit to employees and customers alike, can lower your organisation’s carbon footprint and demonstrate your green credentials.

EV charge points also work well alongside solar PV and battery installations, offering the chance to charge EVs with cheap, green electricity.

Our team can advise on the most appropriate charging infrastructure and integrate with new or existing battery and solar PV assets.

Our team has considerable experience across a wide range of renewable and low carbon power generation and heating technologies. This allows us to offer a full range of installation services, proven in the field and competitive in the market.

Solar PV on Edinburgh Social Housing

Edinburgh Social Housing PV and Battery

Our Energy Services team successfully completed 107 solar PV and battery installations on existing social housing for Edinburgh City Council

Glen Mhor Hotel

Water source heat pump for Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments

This innovative site-wide district heating system will utilise heat generated by a water source heat pump to serve hotel, apartments, new brewery and visitor centre.

M&Co install rooftop solar PV

Our Energy Service team install 800kWp of solar across M&Co head office and retail sites.

Two air source heat pumps

Scottish Borders Council Air Source Heat Pumps

Installation of 2x15kW ASHPs at Scottish Borders nurseries to provide heating via an underfloor system achieves an ideal low carbon heating system.

Solar on New build housing

Hart Builders New Build solar PV

Meeting new build energy standards is tough, so Hart Builders retained Locogen to install Solar PV on a number of sites, including terraced and detached homes and multi-storey apartment complexes.

Prestige Leisure Solar PV

250 kWp Solar at Prestige Leisure

Prestige Leisure offset electricity bills and boost environmental credentials with 250kWp rooftop solar system.

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