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Realising Maximum value When Selling Wind or Solar Assets 

The Locogen Asset Sale team is focused on realising the maximum value when selling your solar or wind assets.

With several years’ experience in developing, managing and selling projects from <1MW – 100MW+, the team has all the expertise needed to manage a successful sale.


Our service is designed to deliver competitive, consistent offers with the minimum of disruption, following a proven process:

  • Collect key project documents and performance data (for operational sites) to create a data room and Information Memorandum (IM) document, clearly setting out relevant details for purchasing parties.
  • Market the project using our extensive network to establish interest from potential buyers, managing your information transfer with interested buyers all the way through the bid process.
  • Provide informed, unambiguous and consistent offers which allow for clear ‘like for like’ comparison enabling you to select the bid that best suits your needs.

We use our extensive contact network, built up over many years in the industry. These key players encompass UK & International developers, existing asset owners, new entrants to the market and even utilities who we know have an active interest in acquiring operational and or ready to build assets. The wide variety of our client base means that we have interested parties for all types of sites e.g. solar or wind, operational or ready to build, UK or European sites and sized from <1MW – 100MW+.

A more detailed overview of our asset sale process is set out below.

Asset sale Process

  1. Agree the scope of work and sign the contract between Locogen and site owner.
  1. Gather all the necessary data on the site, including but not limited to:
  • Land Boundary and lease arrangements
  • Wayleaves permissions
  • Grid connection
  • Planning consent
  • Output performance
  • Tariff & PPA details
  • Revenue to date
  • O&M contracts
  • Asset Management contracts
  • Systems warranties & insurances
  1. Create an initial teaser document using the above data showing summary ‘headlines’ for the site. This will be sent to the identified interested parties.
  1. Create an Information Memorandum (IM) this will contain a more detailed outline of the site details. This will go to parties that have expressed a clear interest in the site (following review of the teaser document) and that have entered into an NDA.
  1. The interested parties will then be given a secure login to gain access to the populated project data room containing all the necessary data & documentation to allow them to review the site specifics and to formulate a bid within the set timeframe.
  1. Once all bids have been received within the agreed timeframe, Locogen will review and assess them. We will provide a summary report noting any specific conditions/clarifications associated with each bid, before making recommendations on preferred bidder status.

Following the above process, Locogen can be retained as the Seller’s technical advisor through the subsequent formal due diligence process that the preferred bidder would be expected to undertake within the defined exclusivity period.

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