Site Finding & Assessment

the art and Science of uncovering the best wind and solar sites

In a post-subsidy world, it has never been more important to find the best possible site for any wind or solar farm. But this is not just about wind speed or solar irradiance.

Our hugely experienced team utilise the latest GIS maps and data to identify key layers, such as local authority spatial framework maps, civil aviation and MOD restraints.  We map these against special area designations, such as National Parks, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and land use classification.

This information is then overlaid with data on the location of grid infrastructure, such as substations, distribution networks and the transmission network. Together with intelligence on grid capacity, wind speeds or solar irradiance, we then produce a map of likely candidate sites.

This quantitative data is then supplemented by the qualitative data brought to bear by the expertise and intelligence of our team. 

Our consultants have intimate knowledge of what lies behind the data. They understand the priorities of communities and the plans of landowners. Bringing this knowledge together greatly enhances our success – it’s the art and science of site finding and assessment.

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