Options Appraisal

Assess the technical and financial feasibility of your options for renewable heat, power and transport systems  

The overarching aim of an options appraisal is to identify, assess and communicate all project-specific options for renewable heat, power and/or transport systems to the client, on the basis of technical and financial feasibility, whilst also considering development risks as well as social and environmental aspects.

These projects are often split into two phases, firstly considering client goals, digesting the available information and data and  performing a desktop site assessment to identify constraints and opportunities for renewable energy systems. To support this, the project location’s demand and renewable energy resource is quantified using industry standard modelling and databases. The client is provided with an initial report to summarise the options available and their relative merits based on high level cost/benefit analysis and is then supported to make the decision as to which viable options are to be shortlisted for further investigation.

In the second phase, the viable technologies or systems are considered in further detail through use of an annual energy flow model in half-hourly discretisation, which is used to determine the optimum scale of each technology. The energy flow model is also used to calculate expected financial returns and lifetime emissions of the proposed energy system. Additionally, any relevant planning and grid requirements are considered along with other project risks, as are operational and maintenance burdens for each technology. The findings of this second phase are communicated in a report, along with recommendations, which the client can use as a basis for decision making when considering the progression of their project towards development.

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