Funding/Acquisition Support

Sourcing and securing the finance for your project

Where a client requires finance to fund the procurement and construction of their project, Locogen can help to identify the preferred source and type of funding for the project. This may include secured lending, non-recourse project finance, crowd funding, private equity investment or a combination of the above.

We have a proven track record of raising private equity and debt for the construction of wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion technologies. We are aware of the main players in the market and have a good working relationship with their technical, legal and financial teams to help us procure funds.

Our services include:

  • Preparing an Information Memorandum for lenders / investors
  • Identifying potential sources of funding
  • Preparing and updating financial models based on term sheets to help identify the preferred source of finance
  • Liaising with the investor’s / lender’s technical, legal and financial teams during the due diligence process to provide the information they require to reach financial close

In addition, Locogen actively invest in developments at the pre-construction phase, and could provide the funds to take a project through construction.

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