Dedicated, proactive and well-connected consenting services to developers, asset owners and landowners on all types of renewable electricity and low carbon heating systems.

Securing the consents needed to construct a project is vital. At the consenting stage, we ensure that an appropriate level of environmental assessment is carried out for the scale and impact of each specific project. This can range from simple Design and Access Statements for smaller projects to full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Statements for larger multi MW wind and solar projects.

As project developers we make sure that consents are optimised with construction and operation in mind. We will only bring in specialist third parties when they are an absolute requirement to securing consent. This approach ensures that costs are not borne at risk unnecessarily, and timescales for the planning submission are minimised.

The general consenting process we offer for each technology includes screening, scoping, community engagement, EIA, application management, committee/hearing, appeals and purifying conditions. Having said this, each project has its own complications and as such, we have included case studies overleaf to communicate this. Whilst the challenges presented may differ, our dedicated approach to consenting remains constant.

“Our focus is to get you the consent that you need to build the most productive scheme possible.” – Ian McLean, Associate Director

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