At Locogen, we've been developing wind and solar sites across the UK and France since 2009. Our experience positions us perfectly to work with developer partners to identify and develop new sites. We often work in joint ventures with landowners, investors and other developers and we're always on the look out for potential projects.

Stuart Hamilton, Head of Energy Services

Site Finding & Assessment

We have a great track record of finding suitable sites for wind and solar farms for developers and other partners.


Our team are expert in assessing the technical and financial feasibility of a wide range of renewawable energy projects.

Options Appraisal

Locogen work with companies, community groups and public sector bodies to identify the most advantageous renewable energy projects for any site.

Due diligence

Providing investors and lenders with a full appreciation of the operational, commercial and financial risks and reasonableness of the proposition.


Professional consenting services to developers, asset owners and landowners on all types of renewable electricity and low carbon heating systems.


During the project’s design phase, Locogen carries out the role of the owner’s engineer to manage the design and development of the project.

Funding/Acquisition Support

Identifying appropriate funding, including secured lending, non-recourse project finance, crowd funding, private equity investment or a combination of these sources.

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