Professional Construction Services for your renewable Energy or Low Carbon Heat Project

Since 2009, our Energy Services team have worked to bring more than 100 renewable energy and low carbon heating projects to fruition.

Our multi-disciplinary team is vastly experienced in wind, solar, hydro and heat pump technologies.

Our comprehensive service manages your project all the way through to testing and commissioning, ensuring the safe, timely and on-budget delivery of your renewable or low carbon power generation or heating installation.



Run of river hydro schemeMost of us are familiar with the larger, utility-scale storage hydroelectric schemes with their imposing dams and large reservoirs. But there are many more small-scale, run-of-river schemes. These schemes typically require no dam or reservoir and simply divert flowing water from a water course through a channel or penstock to drive a turbine.

Locogen’s Energy Services team has delivered a number of such schemes and we developed and constructed the award-winning Ben Mor Hydro scheme, taking a stake in the shared ownership project.

Solar PV

Solar farm constructionIn over a decade, our Energy Services team has delivered more than 100 solar PV projects, ranging in size from small, 50kW roof-mounted systems to multi megawatt ground mount projects.

Our solar PV service covers all elements of consenting, design and installation and we have successfully completed projects for agricultural, retail, industrial, manufacturing and public sector clients.

With decreasing panel prices and the drive for businesses to become net zero, solar PV has become a key technology choice for those looking for affordable, clean power.



Construction of wind turbine foundationOnshore wind has rapidly become one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation. Businesses with adequate land and wind resource, or access to such land, can decarbonise their business and access cheap and renewable power by installing a wind turbine.

Such businesses can choose to develop, build and operate their own projects, lease their land to a developer and buy clean energy from the project, or adopt a shared ownership model. Again, net-zero targets are driving more organisations to look at wind as an option and falling prices, along with mature technologies can make wind power a corner stone of net-zero strategies.

Low carbon heat

Two air source heat pumpsHeat is a major component of energy consumption in the UK and represents a significant challenge to our decarbonisation efforts.

Industrial process heat, along with commercial and domestic space heating are overwhelmingly dependant on fossil fuels but proven and economical alternatives are available.

Locogen’s Energy Services team install both air and ground source heat pumps on a commercial scale, helping clients to dramatically lower their carbon footprint, while enjoying clean, affordable heating.


Construction stages

Locogen’s Energy Services team offer a full, end-to-end construction service, from procuring the most favourable contracts to operating as Main Contractor for your project. Where a main contractor is already in place, we can operate as Owner’s Engineer, to ensure your interests are protected and your project is delivered to specification. More information on these services is outlined below and on the relevant service pages.

Please do contact us if you’d like to discuss your own renewable or low carbon project.

Our team has considerable experience across a wide range of renewable and low carbon power generation and heating technologies. This allows us to offer a full range of construction services, proven in the field.


Securing best-value contracts is vital to the success of any project. Locogen offers flexible procurement services to manage Build Only, Design and Build or Full Turnkey models.

Construction Management

Our construction management services have been honed over a decade of successful projects and ensure your project progresses in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner - with the minimum of surprises.

HSE & CDM Advice

Our experienced team understands the specific challenges of renewable energy technologies and can help manage Health & Safety issues throughout your project.

Project Management

Locogen has an excellent track record of delivering renewable energy projects across both power generation and heat sectors, including some truly challenging remote and often complex assignments.

Main Contractor

Our main contractor service builds on our principal contractor duties with additional services such as welfare, site management, site agents, inductions, site utilitites , training and security.

Principal Contractor Duties

On larger projects, with numerous contractors, our principal contractor service plans, manages, monitors and co-ordinates every aspect of the construction phase.

Owner's Engineer

As owner's engineer, we use our experience and expertise to protect your interests, ensuring that your contractors adhere to the project plan and deliver to specification.

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