Renewables Asset Management Team Grows at Locogen

We’re delighted to announce that Chris McMath has joined the renewables asset management team here at Locogen.

Chris has considerable experience in asset management for wind farms and has been responsible for all aspects of operational performance for UK portfolios totalling 230 MWs. During his career, Chris has also worked on the delivery, installation and commissioning of large-scale wind farms with projects in the 100-200 MW scale.

Chris’s experience and expertise in both wind farm asset management and wind farm development fits well with Locogen’s own heritage and will bring valuable insight to our clients.

Chris said: “I have been very impressed with Locogen’s approach to asset management in the wind sector and across other renewable energy technologies. I’m looking forward to contributing my own experience during this period of growth for the asset management team here at Locogen.”

Locogen’s head of consultancy, Ian McLean, says: “We’re really pleased to welcome Chris to the team. He has an excellent background both in wind farm asset management and in the development of projects, which matches our own profile well. There are exciting plans in the pipeline and we look forward to Chris managing the development of these new opportunities as well as expanding the existing and future offering to our renewables asset management clients.”

You can learn more about our asset management services here and learn about the success achieved by the team during 2017 here.

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