V&A Museum, Dundee

Nominate leading examples of zero emissions heating systems in non-domestic buildings in Scotland

Can you nominate a non-domestic building in Scotland for its use of a low carbon heating system?

We’re proud that Locogen has been appointed by the Scottish Government’s Energy and Climate Change Directorate to research leading examples of zero emissions heating systems in non-domestic buildings in Scotland. This includes heat sources such as heat pumps, low carbon heat networks, direct electric, biomass boilers etc. The case studies will be included in a report which will be made publicly available via the Scottish Government’s website later in the year.

We’d love to have your feedback if you can make suggestions on buildings we should consider. We are interested all building classes except domestic. The projects should be located in Scotland and ideally occupied for at least a year. We are keen to get examples of both new and retrofitted buildings. New builds can be of any age so long as the original heating system is renewable/low carbon and is still in place.

Of course, we recognise there are many examples of investment into energy efficiency of non-domestic buildings through the ‘fabric first’ approach and this is often ‘designed in’ to new builds or retrofitted alongside low carbon heating upgrades. This research, however, is more specifically aimed at low carbon heating systems.

 Here are 10 examples on our short-list so far:

  1. Forth Valley College, Falkirk
  2. Balfour Hospital, Orkney
  3. Caird Park Performance Sports Centre, Dundee
  4. V&A Museum, Dundee
  5. Aqualibrium, Campbelltown
  6. Currie Community High School, Edinburgh
  7. The Islay Hotel, Port Ellen
  8. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
  9. Multiple buildings inc. Robertson Trust, Stirling (heat network)
  10. Multiple buildings, Queens Quay, W Dunbartonshire (heat network)

Have your say

If you have suggestions of other buildings or building clusters that you think should be considered, please let us know. If your suggestion is short-listed, we would like to come back to you for more details to support a case study although this is optional and, at this stage, we are just looking to build up a comprehensive register of sites.

This research is being led by Locogen Head of Commercial Operations, John Maslen.

You can contact John directly at John.maslen@locogen.com or let us know your suggestions via our contact page.

Many thanks for your suggestions.

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