Locogen SAS Meet Nicola Sturgeon in Paris

The ties between Scotland and France date back way before Locogen SAS started operating in 2016. The so-called ‘Auld Alliance’ was formed to aid both Scotland and France to prosper against any potential challengers. Now, the Scottish Government has introduced an Innovation and Investment Hub in Paris to strengthen their bond further. And Locogen SAS President, Cedric Gerbier, was lucky enough to be invited to the launch and meet the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. 

The Innovation and Investment Hubs have been introduced by the Scottish Government to support trade, investment and inter-governmental relations with Europe through use of the government, partners and businesses. The hubs are in many major cities across Europe including Dublin, London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris. Fundamentally, each hub is tailored to the opportunities present in the market. In particular, the French hub has aims to:

  • Increase Scottish Government influence and engagement with France
  • Build on existing trade and investment activity to boost Scotland’s trade with France, including working with Scottish Development International to support successful trade missions to help Scottish companies win business, and to identify and deliver investment projects that create jobs in Scotland
  • Promote strong links between French and Scottish businesses, academia and other organisations and to identify innovation-focussed opportunities in France
  • Encourage more collaboration between business, research, education and cultural institutions
  • Build on Scotland’s reputation as a welcoming destination of choice to live/work, study and visit and do business

With operations in both Scotland and France, Locogen are very grateful for the formal commitment from the Scottish Government in opening a hub in Paris.  

Locogen SAS President, Cedric Gerbier, said: “We were honoured to attend the launch of the Innovation and Investment Hub in Paris managed by The Scottish Government on Monday.

It was a pleasure to meet Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who set out her vision for the future relationship between the two countries in a passionate and outward-looking speech. The First Minister talked about how the low carbon economy, and particularly renewables, could be a key area of collaboration between Scotland and France.”

With the potential to receive research grants as well as cooperate and learn from other Scottish renewable firms working in France, we look forward to continuing this age Auld Alliance between Scotland and France with the help of this Innovation and Investment Hub in Paris.

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