Locogen France Awarded RGE Label

Locogen SAS, the French subsidiary of Locogen Ltd, has just been awarded the RGE quality label.

RGE stands for “Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement”, and is recognised as a “guarantee” for the environment. It acknowledges the company’s skills and expertise in sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Locogen SAS were awarded RGE 2011 and RGE 2015, for solar PV system design and installation, respectively.

OPQIBI, the French engineering qualification body, award the certifications to suitably qualified companies. Having the quality assurance label will not only give Locogen’s French clients the peace of mind that they will receive a high quality service, but it will also make it easier for them to access finance for their projects.

Cedric Gerbier, MD of Locogen SAS, said “although we’ve only been operational in France since 2016 we’re very lucky to work alongside and benefit from the wealth of experience Locogen Ltd has gained in the UK market in the 8 years they have been operating. We have received great feedback on the quality of the work delivered to date, and we’re delighted to have been awarded the RGE label for our solar PV services”.

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