Loch Fergus Solar Project

Project Summary

The proposed Loch Fergus development is located on farmland near land at Loch Fergus farm, southwest of Coylton, South Ayrshire.

The development will consist of up to 45MW of Solar and up to 40MW of battery storage.

We are in the process preparing a planning application for the project. We will be arranging a 2nd Public Event before we submit a planning application, details of which will be advertised in advance of the event.

We are currently undertaking the following survey work at the site:

– Noise Assessment
– Ecology and Bird surveys
– Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
– Glint and Glare Assessment
– Cultural Heritage Assessment
– Traffic and Transport Assessment
– Agricultural Land Classification Assessment
– Social-economic Assessment
– Hydrology and Drainage Assessment

We have refined and adjusted the site layout since our last public event taking onboard comments from the public and initial assessment feedback on the above survey work. The site layout is still in draft form.

 The latest site layout (on the view location plan tab below) has had the following amendments:

  1. Relocation of battery storage are away from the public road and residential properties to a location closer to Loch Fergus Farm at the centre of the site.
  2. Relocation of inverters away from the site boundary and relocated into the centre of the arrays to increase set backs from residential properties
  3. Removal of panels from the higher elevation on the northeast side of the site.
  4. Increased set back distance to 100m in all directions around the Millstone property to the development boundary.
  5. Commitment for a 2nd hedgerow to be planted along the access track closest to the ‘Trees’ properties.
  6. Removed panels and given space between the proposed fence line and a hedgerow so that the Loch can still be accessed.

If you would like to provide feedback, please do so using the survey form below.

Project Information Boards

Survey Form

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