Locogen supports Ripple Energy to develop Kirk Hill Wind Farm – UK’s largest community owned wind farm.

Locogen and Ripple Energy  were thrilled to share the news that Kirk Hill wind farm was generating power for the first time earlier this year. The 18MW wind farm, located in South Ayrshire, is the largest consumer owned onshore wind project in the UK with 5,600 owners. The Locogen team were honoured to be part of this groundbreaking project.

"Kirk Hill Wind Farm represents a significant milestone in community owned renewable energy, and I would like to wish all 5,600 owners every success with their project. We are very proud to have helped bring their wind farm to fruition."

Working closely with Ripple Energy to provide support since 2022, our experts were involved throughout the project providing expertise on due diligence, owner’s engineer, construction, site management and commissioning.

"It was a great project to be involved in and we are proud of our team effort in supporting Ripple Energy. Congratulations to the Ripple Energy team for this major achievement."

Additionally, our Planning & Environment Team supported the project throughout the post-consent and construction phase of the development. They worked closely with Ripple Energy to discharge planning conditions for the sit and provided a Planning Monitoring Officer service in collaboration with the Local Planning Authority at South Ayrshire Council. They also managed the environmental support team for the development, by regularly liaising with a number of consultee organisations to ensure ongoing compliance. Lastly, Locogen undertook turbine inspections on behalf of Ripple after the installation works were completed.

"Those working on the project went above and beyond the call of duty to bring Kirk Hill to where it is today. Working on a project this size cannot be done alone and you’re only as good as your team and I had the best team anyone could ask for. I would like to think that we have given the 5,600 Ripple members something special and wish them and Ripple Energy the very best of luck for the future."

As part of Locogen’s mission to generate a renewable future, this was an inspiring project to work on alongside Ripple Energy and provide a community with the ability to have tangible progress towards a sustainable future.

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