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High Voltage Maintenance and Management for Wind and Solar

Professional maintenance and management of high voltage equipment for your renewable asset is vitally important, both for safety and efficient generation.

Legislation and insurance providers both now demand that proper arrangements are in place to manage your high voltage equipment and conduct regular maintenance. But securing properly accredited high voltage services can be time consuming and costly.

So, to help clients access these high voltage services easily and economically, Locogen’s Asset Management team has extended its business offering to include high quality HV services.

Locogen High Voltage Service for Renewables

Locogen’s asset management clients can discuss their HV requirements with the team and put in place an HV contract. This provides a simple and low-cost route to ensuring compliance with the latest insurance and legal regulations.

These high voltage services encompass both maintenance and management provision.

Renewable energy asset owners and operators know that any downtime can lead to significant loss of revenue. It’s imperative, then, that such downtime is kept to a minimum and Locogen’s asset management team has a tremendous record in achieving this.

In the event of a fault, annual inspection or DNO works, co-ordinating the presence of turbine maintenance technicians with the appropriate authorised person to safely isolate the HV equipment can add to this downtime. But utilising Locogen’s HV service, where a single point of contact is all you need, makes it quicker and easier to co-ordinate the works and get back up and running.

Wind and Solar HV Service Cycle

Our HV service also includes all scheduled maintenance requirements during the upcoming year. The standard high voltage four-year service cycle involves annual, non-intrusive maintenance visits, plus a thorough physical check every fourth year. This includes checking the protection system, trip testing and oil sampling. Locogen’s HV service can arrange all of this.

Poorly maintained or incorrectly managed high voltage equipment can be extremely dangerous to people and can be the cause of expensive failures in renewable energy assets. It is vital that professional HV services are retained, so please contact our team to discuss your own requirements. 

"As we continue to grow, the asset management team are always looking for ways to improve our service and add value to clients. Offering high voltage management and maintenance is an obvious next step. Including these services helps us minimise any downtime and ensures our clients assets are operating at the best possible availability. It also removes cost and complexity for these clients by providing a simple, single point of contact for all services."

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