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Decarbonising distilleries – and other process industries

On June 15th our Emerging Technologies consultancy team hosted a webinar, “How to Decarbonise Distilleries to Meet Net Zero,” in conjunction with our clients, Arbikie Highland Estate.

Hosted by Locogen consultants, Dr Philippa Hardy and Jack Byres, with Arbikie director, Iain Stirling, the webinar was attracted more than 120 attendees.

The session focused on the output and learnings from our three successful ‘Green Distilleries’ projects. This competition, run by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) offers a £10 million funding package to help distilleries ‘go green’. You can access these reports on the BEIS website, here.

In the case of the Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery project, we assessed the feasibility of switching from fuel oil to hydrogen burners to provide the direct process heat necessary for distillation. We also considered the options of creating hydrogen offsite or via onsite renewable energy sources, through electrolysis. The project will create a zero or low carbon distillery that has been converted from fossil fuel dependence, and it is hoped that this will become a model that can be rolled out across the distillation sector and other industries.

The webinar also looks at the role of thermal storage and high temperature heat pumps in decarbonising process industries.

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