Business Continuity During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As the UK Government moves from the ‘containment’ phase of its response to the covid-19 coronavirus into the ‘delay’ phase, it is perhaps timely to share with our clients, partners and suppliers our plans for business continuity during this rapidly evolving situation.

The health and safety of our staff and everyone we come into contact with in our business activities is our highest priority.

We will therefore closely monitor government advice, locally and nationally, and follow the guidance that is issued.

We are fortunate in that our communications and technology platforms are cloud-based and allow us to work from home / remotely without any disruption to our services. Telephone calls to our offices can also be redirected.

In the past few days we have successfully trialled these changes and we are ready to move to a remote working model immediately should that advice be forthcoming. Indeed, a number of our team already work remotely.

To be clear, we do not anticipate a major impact on the vast majority of ongoing projects. Where we do identify potential issues, these clients will be contacted to discuss the impacts and how to mitigate the risks.

In the meantime, we have installed hand sanitiser around the office, along with visual reminders on how to combat the virus.

We are also conducting many more meetings by video conference. If we are due to meet with you, we may suggest adopting this approach. We are reviewing our attendance at conferences on a daily basis and we have imposed a flight ban for all but essential travel.

In adopting these measures we hope to help fight the spread of the virus and protect our staff and clients.

Please do get in touch with your usual Locogen contact should you require any further information on our response to this situation.

Andrew Lyle

CEO, Locogen

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