Breaking The Ice: Locogen win Glenshee Off-grid Wind and Storage Project

The Glenshee Ski Centre, located in Aberdeenshire, is a winter sports hub for those in the Scottish Highlands and further afield. After a competitive tender exercise, Locogen are delighted to have secured a contract to provide a full investment grade business proposal for an innovative off-grid wind and energy storage project at the centre.

The Glenshee Ski Centre Off-grid Wind and Storage Project

Glenshee Ski Centre sought out grant funding from the first stage of the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP). Their application included the preparation of a full investment grade business proposal for the development of an off-grid wind and energy storage system at their ski centre. We’re delighted that Glenshee were successful in securing that funding and we’re excited to be chosen to deliver the proposal. Progressing from the proposal, Locogen have been tasked with clarifying the business case for further investment.

The Glenshee Ski Centre’s energy supply is currently reliant on diesel generators. Through this off-grid wind and storage project, their energy will instead derive from a ~100kW wind turbine along with an associated flow battery system. If fully developed, this renewable switch should significantly reduce their operational costs and associated carbon emissions.

Project Director

Locogen’s Consultancy Director, Ian McLean, says:

“This is an exciting project and we look forward to supporting a great Scottish business to be more sustainable in their carbon emissions and protecting against high fuel costs. There are challenging market conditions given the pending removal of generation incentives for smaller-scale wind but with a good wind resource and high current cost of electricity, we are confident that we can demonstrate a viable project.”

Project Timeline

Locogen aim to deliver this project by Spring 2019 to meet funding deadlines and maximise the potential for the project to secure additional support towards capital development.

Until then, Locogen wish Glenshee a great season, with the forecast for a chilly winter in the Cairngorms promising visitors to the ski centre some great skiing.

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