Allington Lane Solar Project

Project Summary

The client, freehold landowner Eastleigh Borough Council, are proposing the development of unused agricultural land into use as a Solar Photovoltaic Farm with an associated Battery Storage system. The development would be installed for a period of approx. 35 years. The Allington Lane solar development consists of seven fields that would contain solar panels, battery storage elements and ancillary grid infrastructure which would generate low-cost renewable electricity to support the UK Government’s long-term green energy strategy to decarbonise our economy and improve energy security by reducing reliance on volatile foreign energy markets.

The proposed development would comprise the most modern and efficient panels. The site is considered to be well screened but additional hedge and tree planting is proposed to strengthen screening. The solar panels would be mounted on a metal framework supported by ground anchoring without the need for concrete foundations. Between each line of solar panels there would be a gap of approx. 3m and the panels would also be setback from existing field boundaries. This would allow ample area to achieve strong biodiversity enhancements and improved land management, leading to higher quality habitats and benefitting local wildlife.

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Project Information Boards

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If you were unable to attend the public events or wish to comment on the proposals in general, we would be grateful if you could complete the survey below and provide us with any comments you may have.

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